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The purpose of the Inclusive Excellence program at Virginia Tech is to implement, assess, and improve the learning environments for students from underrepresented regions of Virginia and all students in the Virginia Tech sciences by fostering inclusion and success through the instantiation of inclusive pedagogy as a strategy to address implicit biases and issues of climate in STEM classrooms and to create curricular paths that are flexible and embedded with high impact practices.

This project involves cohorts of science faculty from Virginia Tech's three science colleges who will adopt inclusive pedagogy as a strategy to build threshold learning environments that promote a growth mindset for students.


  1. Faculty will improve their abilities to be inclusive and departments will modify curricula so that students can fully participate in experiential learning opportunities
  2. To scale up best practices in STEM education to reach a greater number of students
  3. To increase the incorporation of high-impact practices such as undergraduate research, project-based learning, education abroad, and service learning in STEM courses

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